With the uptick in the number of remote positions and the increasing demand for employees to find greater flexibility in the workplace, we see telecommuting at the forefront of a number of discussions. From a personal perspective, the strong desire to be work-at-home mom started with the birth of my first child. This decision not only had financial implications but I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I made the right decision of choosing my family over my career in financial services.

Helping parents gain more control over their professional and personal lives is my passion. And, the way I help my fellow parents is by sharing my experiences and resources to prepare you for your remote job search.

I recently read a post written by Tim Metz, the co-founder of Saent, a software company where he shared his 9 Tips for Landing a Remote Job and I wanted to share his post with you. His tips ranged from doing your homework to writing a proper introductions to telling a good story. Metz, offers useful tips to navigating the remote job search world and I recommend you check out the link to his blog at the bottom of this post.

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