When I first decided to create a website using WordPress, I did not know what to expect. Despite purchasing my domain name and hosting in March of 2015, I did not start the building process until months later. I worked with web designers on previous projects and had some experience with the process. However, building my own site on a seriously shoestring budget was a little different and required me to be resourceful. It took some work but I am happy with the results. It still needs some tweaks but it is up and have a product for the world to see.

I’ve learn a lot on this journey and figured I would share the three things I’ve learned from building my website. I am all about helping and hope that someone would benefit from my lessons learned.

One of my favorite guru, LaShanda Henry aka Sistasense always says “Before you go online, you must get offline.” This is so key to the website building process for a number of reasons. First, going offline helps bring clarity to your website. Second, the writing process helps with the functionality and the flow of your site. Writing helps you to address questions like:

  • Why create a website?
  • Where do I want to place my social media icons?
  • How do I want my site look?
  • What pages do I need?

We are living in the age of the “template” but even a great template needs content. Going through the process of planning and jotting your ideas down will make building your site much easier. So, put the computer down, and pick up the pen and paper!

Often times we’ve been told the only people who need websites are business owners and bloggers. That’s simply not true. A website can help be a powerful tool to showcase your brand and help boost to your image. If you are a job seeker a personal website could help you get that next job. Imagine how impressed a potential employer would be if you supplemented your resume and cover letter with your website. Your website could be a space online where you could post industry related articles, current projects, etc. Think about how much more robust your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook page be if you included your personal website?

If you know how to install MS Office Suite, or send an email. You can probably design your own website with a little guidance. Building a website today is easier than ever. In many cases you don’t have to do any coding. There are a ton of free and paid templates and plugins to help you produce a great site.

I will continue to share more of my personal development path. 

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